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Super Bulky

Super Bulky

Super Bulky

Weight ‹100 yards / 100grs.
Knitting 8-12.75 mm.
Crochet 9.0-15.0mm.

Bulky weight yarn is a true heavyweight yarn perfect for knitting up quick and cozy gifts, blankets, and sweaters alike. Bulky weight yarn has many names and is also known as double knit (UK), 12-ply or 16-ply (AUS), size 5 yarn, craft yarn, and rug yarn. Accessory knitting and bulky yarns are the perfect pair! You can finish a stack of hats or cowls in a weekend of knitting with a bulky weight yarn. We love a bright, speckled, bulky hat with a full, round pom-pom for crisp winter days!

Bulky yarns can be constructed in many ways, although there are a few more common found ply constructions. Heavier weight yarns really shine in the single, 2-ply, and 3-ply constructions. Keeping the ply structures simple allows for a more round, lofty, and soft yarn. Bulky weight yarns can range from 100-130 yards per 100g skein, whereas super bulky can range anywhere from 50-100 yards per 100g skein! Bulky and Super Bulky weight yarns are a great weight for speckling as you have a larger canvas to disperse your dye.