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Super Bulky Yarn Pattern Roundup

By Erin Dollar on January 26, 2021

super bulky yarn, tundra

Tundra, our super bulky yarn, is perfect for stitching up a quick project like a hat or a cowl. It’s always exciting to see a knitting project come together, and Tundra’s extra chunky size means that you can complete projects in a flash.

To offer some inspiration, we’ve gathered some of our favorite super bulky yarn knitting patterns (and crochet patterns, too!), so you’ll have tons of project ideas to keep you busy this season.


super bulky yarn

First up: hats! Tundra is the perfect super bulky weight yarn for creating a plush, cozy hat for the colder months.The Diamond Hat by Gina Michele is knit in the round, with a simple but effective diamond pattern achieved by alternating knit and purl stitches.


super bulky yarn

Ola Ogunlolu’s pattern for the Ade Beanie also uses simple knitting techniques to create a fun geometric crown shape within the design. “I just really wanted to design a piece that was both incredibly simple and quick to make, but also really fun and interesting,” said Ogunlolu. “The name for the design, ‘Ade’, is a Yoruba word which translates to ‘crown’ or ‘royalty’, and that was inspired by the crown like effect created from the combination of the garter and stockinette sections.”


super bulky yarn

Scarves and cowls are extra eye-catching when made from plush super bulky yarn. ChiWei Ranck’s pattern for the Spiral Twist Cowl features an elegant diagonal stripe design, achieved by incorporating an overlaid slip stitch on the surface of the cowl.


super bulky yarn, tundra

Jess Coppom’s  Magic Rectangle Slippers might be the fastest crochet gift project ever, with a super cute result. These slippers are made with a simple rectangle crochet block and come together impossibly fast. Super bulky yarn gives the slippers an extra-plush, cozy feel. Plus, Coppom shares details about how to add a leather or suede sole to your crochet slippers, to make them look even more polished. Beginners who love these slippers might also want to try Coppom’s 3 Hour Mittens, which also make a great crochet project for quick holiday gifts.


super bulky yarn for sweater

Warm sweaters are a perfect match for super bulky yarn like Tundra. The Frid Sweater, designed by Tara-Lynn Morrison, is knit in top-down raglan style using circular needles for seamless construction. The bulky, billowy sleeves are a perfect complement to the plush yarn from which the sweater is knit.


super bulky yarn

Denise Bayron’s Grace Sweater is a modern classic that knits up beautifully in super bulky. In her sample projects, Bayron uses white undyed yarn to showcase the textured details in her design. In naming her knitting pattern after the idea of simple elegance or courteous goodwill, Bayron says she took inspiration from changes going on in the craft community. “While we work as a community to be more inclusive, we must acknowledge that making societal change is a process. We all need a little bit of grace in our lives. May we apply grace to ourselves when we fall short and generously extend grace to others as we work collectively toward a more accepting maker community and world at large,” she says.


super bulky yarn, tundra

Super bulky yarn like Tundra is great for creating larger home decor projects since the added volume speeds up your knit or crochet time. Ksenia Naidyon of  Life Is Cozy designed the Milk Bun Pouf pattern to become a cozy centerpiece of your living room. The cable twists in this pattern add lots of visual interest. Even though this pattern requires a staggering amount of yarn, Naidyon reassures crafters that this project is deceptively fast to knit.

Feeling inspired to knit with super bulky yarn? Andean Highland wool gives our yarn a beautiful light texture, perfect for creating anything from hats to blankets. What will you create with Tundra?

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Erin Dollar

Erin Dollar is the artist behind the home textiles company Cotton & Flax. Her enthusiasm for printing on fabric fuels her energetic craft workshops, where she teaches intrepid students to create their own block printed fabrics. Erin is also a writer and an advocate for creative business owners. She lives in San Diego, California with her partner, two calico cats, and a closet full of half-finished craft projects.

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