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Crochet Swatches of DUO

By Amy Reader on March 29, 2022

DUO is a two ply fingering weight yarn made of 80% superwash merino wool with 20% nylon. This thin and strong yarn is soft and light to the touch thanks to the merino and retains a sturdy body because of the nylon. This combination makes it the right balance of soft and hardy. It is a great yarn option for socks, gloves, and other projects that would be used regularly. Today I’ve crocheted up three swatches to show off DUO and the way it looks using different stitches. The swatches used a single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet stitch respectively. 

DUO unwound

Each swatch was done using a 2.5 mm crochet hook. All swatches use a 20 stitch foundation chain which resulted in each swatch just under three inches in width. All swatches were blocked after they were finished and are very close to square, so just under three inches tall as well. Let’s take a look at how they turned out!

First up we have the single crochet swatch. This swatch has 22 rows on a 20 stitch foundation chain. As expected with the single crochet stitch, this one has a stiffer body because of the tight rows of stitches. The thin strength and flexibility of DUO really lends itself a nice balance with the single crochet stitch since it is a hardier stitch but the merino wool keeps it soft to the touch. A single crochet pair of gloves like these or a cozy pair of socks like these would be perfect for some hand dyed DUO yarn!

single crochet swatch

Next is the half double crochet swatch. Personally, the half double stitch is one of my favorites to work with. You keep a bit of the sturdy body like in a single crochet but it works up quicker like a double crochet. This swatch is 18 rows with a 20 stitch foundation chain. I think half double crochet stitches are a great option for scarves and cowls. The merino wool in DUO makes it a great option for something that touches the skin because it is so soft. 

half double crochet swatch

The last swatch we have is the double crochet swatch! This swatch was done on a 20 stitch foundation chain and is 16 rows tall. Double crochet works up quickly and because it is looser, it has a soft drape and body to it that you can’t get with a single crochet. I love double crochet for shirts, vests, and sweaters because it has such a soft flow to it and it doesn’t help that it works up so quickly! These fingerless gloves use a combination of double crochet and single crochet and would be a great option for DUO.  Double crochet has a bit of a lacy look and the combination with the thin two ply DUO is a lovely pairing. 


double crochet swatch

Swatching before starting a project is important because you can measure your stitch gauge and make sure that you have the correct gauge for your project. Or if you are wanting to make something custom, then you have the correct stitch gauge to use if you need to multiply your stitches per inch to determine how many stitches to cast on. Swatches are also important if you want to try new stitches or a new method of casting on. For example, a foundation chain tends not to be as stretchy but there are other methods of creating a stretchier foundation chain that combine your first row of stitching. If you are trying something new, it is always a good idea to practice in a swatch before beginning your entire project because it allows you to plan more accurately. 



I like to keep my swatches on hand with the information about what yarn, hook size, and what stitches were used so that way I can refer back to them later if I want to start a new project. I like using the tags from Knomad and writing the swatch information directly on the tag with the yarn information because then it is one less thing to write and I know exactly which yarn I used! I’ll store my three swatches with my tag all together in an envelope. I have a little box for swatches where I keep my swatches from knitting and crochet along with my dyeing samples. 

If you crochet something with DUO, we would love to see what you made! Tag us on social media using #knomad_yarn. 

DUO skeins


Amy Reader

Amy Reader is a fiber artist based in Portland, OR. She learned to sew when she was six years old and quickly fell in love with textiles of all kinds. With the help of her grandmother, Amy learned to knit and crochet shortly thereafter. Amy started dyeing with kitchen safe dyes and was immediately hooked. She loves working with bold and playful colors and primarily dyes yarn for her line of hand-embroidered jewelry.

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