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How to Space Dye Stratus Merino Yarn

By Gina Rockenwagner on January 5, 2021

Space dye yarn is a fun technique to have in your arsenal. We show you how to do it with an easy technique using plastic wrap! Learn how on our incredibly soft STRATUS, a blend of merino and nylon. I think this finished yarn would make an incredible pair of socks!




  • 1 skein of Knomad STRATUS yarn – 80% Extrafine Merino Wool, 20% Nylon. We designed this project for EGRET but it would also work well on any of our super soft yarns like SPARK, SALCANTAY, MAGNOLIA, and SANDSTONE.
  • Dharma Trading co dye for silk and wool. This color is ALPINE BLUE.
  • Gram scale.
  • A cup to mix the dye in
  • Citric acid powder.
  • A paper plate and a microwave or a pot and a steamer (never use anything you use to cook food!).
  • A measuring spoon. Any size will work.
  • Plastic wrap.
  • Optional: a zip tie.



Loop a zip tie around each skein of yarn, if you are using them. Soak the yarn in lukewarm water with a dash of citric acid for about 1 hour.


Make sure to always protect yourself with gloves and a respirator whenever you work with dye in its powder form. A dust mask is not enough protection to safely work with dye powder! You should keep your own set of tools for dyeing. These tools should never be used to prepare or serve food.

Use the gram scale to weigh out the dye and citric acid in a cup. 

I used 3 grams of dye and 1 gram of citric acid powder for each skein of yarn. Add about 1 cup of hot water to the cup and use the spoon to mix the whole thing together.



Dye Organic Merino Yarn

Remove the skein from the soaking liquid, gently squeezing the excess liquid out of the yarn. You want the yarn to be damp, but it should not be dripping wet. 

Lay out a piece of plastic wrap at least 10 inches longer than the skein you are dyeing on a clean, dry work surface. Place the skein in the center of the plastic. You should have at least 5 inches extra plastic wrap on each side. 

Dye organic Merino Yarn

Pour the cup over half of the yarn, using the back of the spoon or your gloved hands to gently work the dye into the yarn. When the yarn looks the way you want it to, roll up the plastic wrap as follows:

Fold the long edge of the plastic wrap closest to you over the yarn. Fold the other long edge of the plastic wrap over the yarn. You should have something roughly resembling a tube. Smooth your hands over the tube to press any excess air out of the yarn. Now roll up the tube like a jelly roll or a cinnamon roll.

Dye Organic Merino Yarn

Place the roll on a paper plate and microwave on high for 2 minutes, or steam in a steamer basket for 15 minutes.

Allow the yarn to cool completely before carefully cutting open the plastic and removing the yarn.



Rinse and dry the yarn as you normally would. Enjoy your finished yarn! Make sure to tag us using

#Knomadyarn so we can see all your fabulous projects.


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Gina Rockenwagner

Gina Fama Röckenwagner (she/her) is a color-obsessed knit designer and textile artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been featured in Vogue Knitting, Pom Pom Quarterly, and Purl Soho’s eponymous blog. She founded her line of soft, comfortable, and size-inclusive clothing, SOFT HAUS, in 2015. When not working on yarn-related endeavors, Gina can be found quilting, biking, baking and watching trashy tv with her cats, Paloma and Blooper.

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