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Nicole Frost

Nicole Frost

Frost Yarn was born in my Father’s studio kitchen in 2008 with fisherman’s wool and food coloring. I was newly sober, and I latched onto yarn like a woman shipwrecked on an island. Yarn was my salvation. When corporate America turned its back on me, I took that as a challenge and threw everything I had into yarn. I went shop to shop peddling my Kool-Aid dyed, hand spun yarn. My husband Martin and I met in 2011, and I gained a relentless cheerleader and best friend. Thanks to his support, Frost Yarn grew from one woman furiously dyeing in her kitchen to working with some of the most talented fiber artists in the world and teaching dye workshops around the globe. As Frost Yarn has grown, so has our family and our love for the Fiber Arts. We currently spend our days picking fiber out of our hair and chasing Beatrix, 2 and Jules, 6 around.

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