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alternate processes dyeing with kool aid drink

Alternate Processes – How to dye yarn with Kool Aid Drink Mix Powder?

One of the most readily available sources of yarn dye is actually available at your local supermarket! Colorful products like food coloring gel and drink mix powders can be used to dye yarn some beautiful colors. Today we’ll show you how to dye yarn with Kool Aid and Hawaiian Punch drink mix powders. Materials: 1 skein of Knomad yarn - We used Eggshell, a blend of 70% super wash merino wool and 30% nylon. We love how the super wash merino wool soaks up color ...
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The Fine Points of Bristle

The Fine Points of Bristle

The unique blend Bristle has been one of our most popular yarns since we launched. A gorgeous blend of 70% organic merino wool and 30% hemp, Bristle appears to be a simple, rustic two ply yarn, in its raw state. Once the yarn is dyed, its magic emerges. A quick dip in a dye bath brings out the true beauty of Bristle. Wool fibers are coaxed to take color quickly with water, heat and a splash of acid. Hemp, however, is not convinced as easily! ...
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