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how to dye yarn

Natural Dyes for Wool: Logwood

Logwood is a family of trees also known as “bloodwood” in some parts of the world. Found in Mexico, Belize, Central America and Australia, logwood can be found in extract, powdered, sawdust and wood chip form from many natural dye sources.  I had avoided logwood for some time because I am just not a huge fan of purple! However, as I worked my way through so many natural, wood-based dyes as part of this series with Knomad, I began to think that maybe I should ...
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how to dye yarn

Natural Dyes for Wool: Osage

Where I live in the Southeastern United States, there are a lot of old, big trees. Every spring, the world transitions into a fuzzy, watercolor-like state as the trees are bristling with tiny leaves and buds. In a few more weeks, many of our flowering trees burst into full bloom or display bright, acid-green leaves. It’s always one of my favorite parts of each season, but I also love an often overlooked blooming season: early summer.  Early summer is the time when fruiting trees of ...
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how to dyed yarn, undyed yarn, dyeing techniq

Dyeing the Perfect Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colors to work with! I primarily use my dyed yarn for embroidery work, but I do crochet and knit for fun on occasion too. When I am making things just for fun, I always find myself drawn towards shades of purple. Figuring out which purple is best can sometimes be a challenge. Some shades of purple lean more red or warm-toned and others are more blue or cool-toned. Purple can also be a tough color to dye evenly as ...
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