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undyed yarn making process

The Finishing Touch: Meet the Finishing Department!

If you’re an indie dyer, chances are you’ve twisted up dozens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of skeins of freshly dyed yarn. So we thought you’d enjoy seeing how the workers in the mill where we make our yarns twist up these hanks of bare yarn into beautiful finished skeins ready for your dye vats! In the video, you’ll get to meet some of the folks who help us in this department, the finishing department. This department is responsible for the final step in the ...
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neutral baby knitting undyed yarn

Neutral Baby Knitting with Undyed Yarn

It seems like every day another friend is turning up pregnant- a facebook announcement here, a zoom call there (hey, it is May 2020 after all!) What is a good knitter friend to do? Clearly, browse Ravelry until the patterns blur together, choose the cutest one I can get in English (curse you Danish only patterns!), and get to yarn shopping.  There is nothing I enjoy more than knitting a tiny, ultra adorable, quick baby project. I love the planning, the knitting, I love the ...
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merino wool

Merino Wool

Today in our video series, learn more about our ethically sourced Merino wool! Our merino wool is sourced from Uruguay and Argentina, with a mulesing free certification. Dye with confidence, knowing that Knomad’s Merino wool is sourced with a high standard of ethics, from trusted suppliers. Let’s dig into what makes merino yarn so special and lovely to work with! What's Merino Wool?, Why Choose It? Merino wool is a soft yet hardy fiber, which makes it a popular favorite for knitters and dyers alike ...
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