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how to dye yarn, dyeing yarn techniques

Dyer’s Reference Library: RED

We tend to think of Red as a primary color, grouped with Blue and Yellow. But in the dyeing world, the primary pigment closest to the primary color red is actually magenta! Red dye is always made up of several colors, so it cannot be considered a primary pigment by definition. Technical matters aside, red is a hugely important color! The color of lipstick, poppies, tomatoes and chili peppers, I cannot imagine a single day passing without using something red.  To get you ready for ...
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How To Dye Speckles on STRATUS 

As soon as KNOMAD launched, STRATUS quickly became one of my favorite yarns in the line. This unconventional blend of non superwash merino wool and nylon has a soft, dry hand, perfect for all kinds of garments and weather. This Spring, I want to knit a tank top to wear with jeans and skirts. I thought STRATUS would be the perfect yarn for a tank! I designed this simple speckled colorway for STRATUS. Try it out for yourself and make sure to share your finished ...
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how to dye yarn

Dyer’s Reference Library: PINK

I have a well-documented love affair with the color pink. My childhood bedroom was painted a light bubble gum pink, at my request. I started dyeing my hair pink in 2016, even getting married with pink hair in 2019. I recently visited the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California for my birthday. We stayed in a blue-colored room but spent plenty of time enjoying the color pink at the famous Madonna Inn. You can see this color-splashed everywhere from napkins to cakes, their famous ...
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how to dye yarn, Bare yarn for dyeing wholesale