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How To Dye a Crystal Ball Inspired Colorway on PRISM

Spooky season is coming up! As soon as that first cool breeze hits, you know I’m reaching for my knitting. With so many new yarns to dye from Knomad, I have my work cut out for me! One beautiful new bare yarn is called PRISM. Prism is a blend of soft superwash merino wool with a touch of silk. The silk provides a soft glisten to the yarn that gives this two ply construction a magical look. Great for sweaters and accessories you wear next ...
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Have you ever wanted to create yarn that knits up like a nebula or an oilslick?

Have you ever worked up a skein of yarn, and the colors stacked in just such a way that it felt like opening a present, you just couldn’t wait to see what happened next? That color stacking or “pooling” can actually be planned! In today’s blog post, I’ll be walking you through how to dye your yarn to achieve an oil slick (direct application) and nebula effect (reverse speckle). You will need a couple of skeins of your favorite base - today I’m using Salcantay ...
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Ocean Blue Ombre with Food Coloring

The new SNOWDRIFT MINIS are the perfect size to dye up an ombre colorway. In this post we will be adding one mini skein at a time to a dye bath. This process will mean that the dye bath will exhaust as skeins are added, making each skein lighter than the previous skein. This method creates a perfectly even ombre and is a great use of the new SNOWDRIFT MINIS!  We will also be using food coloring to create a beautiful, bright blue. Food coloring ...
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