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What makes Knomad yarns so special?

By Gina Rockenwagner on November 22, 2021

Knomad yarns are made at a state of the art mill specializing in creating natural yarns for generations. Their expert knowledge of the global fiber industry and the spinning process makes them the perfect partner for every creative journey you wish to embark on! Knomad sources the finest fibers for their yarns, blending them to perfection into bare yarns for every conceivable purpose! No matter which Knomad yarn you choose, your dyeing skills will take the spotlight. Dye with ease, knowing you can leave it to the fiber experts to craft yarn specifically with the dyer in mind!

With so many special yarns at Knomad, it can be a puzzle to choose the perfect base for your next dyeing adventure. I decided to craft a little map, if you will, of some of my favorite yarns from the perspective of someone who has dyed, knitted and crocheted with the best of them! Check out my thoughts on three of my favorites below.

Steam sweater

steam swatch Knomad


Made from superwash merino wool and some of the finest available alpaca, STEAM is a beautiful two ply yarn with a wonderful softness that lends itself well to next to skin wear. Steam takes color super rapidly. Try out speckles on steam! Everyone loves a super sharp speckle, and steam delivers reliably and with ease! I used steam to knit a cardigan, as pictured. The alpaca content gives steam a lovely drape. Steam is a joy to knit with. I love it for accessories, but you know I’m not really knitting accessories these days since I live in southern California! But I do wear cardigans constantly so I always have one on the needles!

egret sweater knomad

egret swatch knomad


This blog post is about special yarns, and EGRET is as special as they come! Spun from luxuriously soft organic merino wool, this single ply yarn has a beautiful, glowy halo that really comes out after knitting and blocking! Organic yarns are not easy to come by, and having this option from Knomad makes sustainability an easy choice. Egret’s softness is unparalleled. Try Egret for sweaters, tops and shawls. Take note that Egret is non superwash, so it may not absorb dye the same way your favorite superwash yarns do. I used Egret to knit a balloon sleeve no closure cardigan, as pictured. It has a lovely lightness that makes it a delight to wear.

bristleswatch knomad


BRISTLE is a unique yarn that has become quite the sleeper hit at Knomad. Like Egret, BRISTLE is an organic yarn. A rustic two ply merino and hemp blend, this yarn dyes to a characteristic heather when dyed with conventional acid dyes, as you can see pictured here. But Bristle really sings when dyed with natural dye! Check out some of our tutorials featuring natural dyes on Bristle, and prepare to be inspired. You’ll be collecting dye stuff for your own natural dye masterpiece in no time! I haven’t knit a finished project with Bristle yet, but I have dyed a sweater quantity of Bristle. It is in my queue to become, you guessed it, a colorful cardigan! The hemp gives Bristle a dry hand, perfect for our balmy Los Angeles weather. The swatch alone is getting me excited to knit with it!


Gina Rockenwagner

Gina Fama Röckenwagner (she/her) is a color-obsessed knit designer and textile artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been featured in Vogue Knitting, Pom Pom Quarterly, and Purl Soho’s eponymous blog. She founded her line of soft, comfortable, and size-inclusive clothing, SOFT HAUS, in 2015. When not working on yarn-related endeavors, Gina can be found quilting, biking, baking and watching trashy tv with her cats, Paloma and Blooper.

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