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knomad yarns undyed 02

Behind the scenes at our yarn mill!

 Next up in our video series, I share a behind the scenes look at the state of the art mill that produces some of our yarn. We’ll meet some of the people who help make our yarn, and learn about some of the ethical and sustainable values behind Knomad. We know you have choices when you shop for wholesale yarn, and we hope sharing our practices in a transparent way gives you the confidence to choose us! ...
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how to dye yarn

Have you ever wondered how undyed yarn is created?

At Knomad, we are excited to show you how! Over the next several weeks, we're giving an inside look into how our bare yarn is made. We'll share tours of our spinning mills, special insight into our fibers and sourcing, and step-by-step videos of how our yarn is made and distributed all the way from the field to your hands. We'll introduce you to some of the incredible people who help create our yarns! We can't wait for you to meet them all.  Today, ...
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alternate processes dyeing with kool aid drink

Alternate Processes – How to dye yarn with Kool Aid Drink Mix Powder?

One of the most readily available sources of yarn dye is actually available at your local supermarket! Colorful products like food coloring gel and drink mix powders can be used to dye yarn some beautiful colors. Today we’ll show you how to dye yarn with Kool Aid and Hawaiian Punch drink mix powders. Materials: 1 skein of Knomad yarn - We used Eggshell, a blend of 70% super wash merino wool and 30% nylon. We love how the super wash merino wool soaks up color ...
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